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First half hour is dedicated to the late Bill Paxton.
A few birthday dedications, then out into the neon soaked streets at night. Check out DJ SLT every Friday morning on KFAI from 2-6am as he hosts the world famous Across the Board, from Electronic to industrial and goth to synth pop and always, Bowie.  
Enjoy, DJ SLT
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Primitive James, Episode 4

James has been identified and captured by Confederation Troops, and he is talking to another android from his own time.

Written by Michael Popham, and directed by John Popham at Snoose Boulevard Productions.  Winner of the Mark Time Award for Best SF Audio. 

Expedition On Mars

Health and Wellness Is For All of Us

Sheila Delaney presented a packed hour featuring different facets of being healthy as a community and healthy as a person. Her guests brought expertise, hope and direction for helping us all help each other achieve health.

Kathy and Wameng share bad news about the closing of Hmong-owned night club, Stargate in Maplewood and home invasions on the East Side. But, they balanced out the night with a great playlist of music by Hmong artists. 

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