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Betamaxx is the guest this show ( more here: ) and we premiere an exclusive track, "Virtual Fantasies" off his forth coming album due out in December "Archaic Science". Other music includes an exclusive from Robots with Rayguns "Retrowasted" off his forth coming album "Wild Style" due out Sep 30th, Rick Clarke, Kristine, FM-84, The Midnight, Vampire Step-Dad, Perfect Science, Fear of Tigers and so much more!! 

Wooden Overcoats – Episode 1,  The Bane of Rudyard

Rudyard Fun runs a funeral home on the island of Piffling.  It used to be the only one, but Eric Chapman just opened a new one across the square.  Now Rudyard realises he has to do something rather drastic to stay in business.  A very silly series, episode 1 of 8, written by David K. Barnes. 

The Thing in the Woods – Act One Audio Sci-Fi

A post-armageddon story about a family fleeing an unknown danger.