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We speak with Alison Morse about her collection of flash fiction, If You Wave a Chicken Over Your Head. Her poems and prose have appeared in Water~Stone ReviewNatural BridgeRhino, and, among other journals and anthologies. She also won the 2012 Tiferet Fiction Award.

Minnesota State Fair preview with musical highlights, new food news & insider tips!

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Central America comes into focus a bit with music from the Garifuna Collective – returning to the Cedar soon… alongside Ruben Blades (Panama) & Lila Downs (Oaxaca, Mex.) in the first set of today's program.  Doug offers up some Cuban musicians as the first hour unfolds… into the second.  Some efforts from the famous Buena Vista Social Club tours… including Barbarito Torres, Eliades Ochoa, & Ruben Gonzalez; some modern Cuban musicians from the '90's – Manolin & Paulito F.G.; and finally a local Cuban combo from the Twin Cities… Malamanya !

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SLAN, Part 3

Slan Jommy Cross has escaped from the tendrilous Slans searching for him.  He's now hiding on the Moon with a new identity. He finally finds out the truth about what is happening with the Slans left on Earth. Adapted by Perry Jacob, with an original musical score by Bob Flick at Ziggurat Productions


Free Space: Tales of the Solar Wind