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LSEX 01/14/16

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While the weather outside is frightful, bulerias would be so delighful…Kristina sends the warmth of flamenco your way on this show with decidedly modern bulerias. ("Decidedly modern" is a relative term, referring to flamenco music pre-1975…when Franco died and Spain split open to new influences.)

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Hosted by Miguel Vargas with special guest DJ, Franz Diego.

During this edition of Marya Morstad's Art Matters, the Grammy award-winning Director of the Sounds of Blackness — Gary Dennis Hines — speaks with guest host Brenda Bell Brown about his inspiration — his mother, the late Doris Hines — and what she inspired in him.

Recording Credit:  David Cummings, Sound Edit:  Brenda Bell Brown


Stories from Blank on Blank and Sam Coley

In honor of my father who recently passed away I brought in some of his long playing records to feature some favorite singers from a previous era.  Still great music from the archives of America.  I also sent out some tributes to other recently deceased friends, including a set of musical politic-poetry from indigenous activist recently deceased, John Trudell.