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We speak with Steve Werle, who will be discussing his book Stassen Again, out from the Minnesota Historical Society Press. He is also the author of An American Gothic: The Life & Times & Legacy of William Gates LeDuc.

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Adam Dilley and Joe Kiely from Metropolis Rugby Football Club on Malarkey tonight. Don't forget their fund raiser for homeless veterans Thursday 4th at 7pm to 11pm at Kieran's downtown Minneapolis.

Michael George aka Stallon Jones aka the founder of 30th Floor Records is the special guest. More info here: . on the show we talk his record label, his latest release and his awesome 2013 Halloween classic, "Wolf at my Door".  Music also featured from Dana Jean Phoenix, The Northern Lights, The Party, Quasars, Pengus, Milli Vanilli and much more!  

Attack of the Groovy Bushman

Peetey Jones is having a rough life.  The government stole his idea for the Recyclotron; his TV privileges are being restricted; his wife Beatrice is in danger of being cancelled for low ratings; and his 5-year-old son Sputnik wants a nuclear weapon, like every other family on Groovy Bush.  The world is severly askew it seems.  From the Radio Mouth Bandits of Champaign, Illinois. 

Mike Stapp sits in to host.