Live tracks from Sharon Shannon in 1996, Karen Tweed and Timo Alakotila in 2000, and Lo'Jo from November 8 of this year. 

Brian Drake of The April Fools stopped by with a few tracks from their new release Colorwheel.  Very good material.  Also included songs by the likes of Randy Newman, unreleased Drive By Truckers, Dan Aurebach, Aretha Franklin, The Heptones, Erik Koskinen, The Gourds, and much more.  Turn up the volume on this one.

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As election results came in overnight – this was an election themed show in small parts; continuing to survey the horizon around the planet – since we are – still – all earthlings.  A typical purview of the musical landscape – in broad strokes.  From Monk onto Ukraine – and of course, Africa back to Afro Cuban rhythms and some sweet sounds of gospel-folk-rock.

New releases, big concert news & live music from Ann Reed!

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