4/26/2007 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
4/25/2007 House Party
4/25/2007 Stone Soup
4/25/2007 Echo Chamber

Week 2 of the KFAI Spring Pledge Drive and the doctors of dub put together a heavy show: part 2 of Word Beat I Powa, plus new music from Up, Bustle, Out, Finn the Giant,

4/24/2007 Dig Up The Roots
4/24/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

For this second special pledge drive edition of the show, Johnny D joined us in the studio, and we mixed some sexy Afrobeat into the morning.

4/23/2007 Good Noise
4/22/2007 Womenfolk

Special spring pledge drive show, featuring many special guests including Jean and Blanche!

4/22/2007 Century Song
4/22/2007 Songs Of Praise