9/20/2007 The Dakota Dave Hull Show

Atila the Hun : The Strike
Hutchison, Frank : Miner’s Blues
Estes, Sleepy John : Working Man Blues

9/19/2007 House Party
9/19/2007 Stone Soup
9/19/2007 Echo Chamber

Another week with a ton of new dub and roots… The featured releases included: the very chill Begrimed Enterprise: from The Viking; the excellent Greensleeves 30th Anniversary collection From Dubplate to Download:; and a fine roots album titled Rocky Road from Eric Smith.

9/18/2007 Dig Up The Roots

Jazz Quartetts

9/18/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks to Mean Larry who got up early to share some female covers of Leonard Cohen songs in anticipation of Chelsea Hotel:, his annual tribute to Leonard Cohen. Some of the women we heard this morning will be at the show Saturday, too!

9/17/2007 Freewheelin'
9/17/2007 Good Noise
9/16/2007 Womenfolk

Hosted by Amanda Balagur!

9/16/2007 Century Song

Today we listened to music from Light From Heaven, a traditional Cambodian group formed by the late Bun Leuong from the Twin Cities. The concert was recorded at the Cedar Cultural Center, and included tunes from Bun’s other group, the New International Trio.

In the second hour we listened to music from traditional American singer Judy Cook(Creative Engineering), Chango Spasiuk, Grada (Compass),Sinikka Langeland (ECM), JPP, and Den Fule (Northside).