11/9/2007 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles PLAYLIST 11/09/07

11/9/2007 Louisiana Rhythms
11/9/2007 Fubar Omniverse
11/8/2007 The Dakota Dave Hull Show

Hull, Dakota Dave : New Shirt
Helm, Levon : False Hearted Lover Blues
Expatriate Game : The Blackbird

11/7/2007 House Party
11/7/2007 Stone Soup
11/7/2007 Echo Chamber

Plenty of new dub and roots this week…including: Tribulation, the excellent new Bim Sherman compilation (on Pressure Sounds:; the special new re-release of the Abyssinians Satta Massagana (on; the sublime Dub Qawwali from Gaudi + Nusrat (on Six Degrees:; the very good self-release Jamaica Me Come From by Mista Majah P; and the very cool (free) net release BlackSoulRemix: from i-Plant.

11/6/2007 Dig Up The Roots

Thanks to Liz Olds for filling this day with music.

11/6/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

Randy Weeks: called up from Texas to talk about his music, songwriting, and his show at the Eagles on Friday, November 9th, after the Liquor Pigs Happy Hour. We also gave CDs away and shared love for the new John Fogerty record. Fun!

11/5/2007 Freewheelin'

Due to health reasons, Doug Spartz was unable to be on the program this morning. We’ll reschedule for another time, for sure.