11/25/2007 Womenfolk

Live Interview with Michelle Shocked!

11/25/2007 Century Song

Today we listened to a live concert recorded at the 2007 Tionol sponsored by the Great Northern Irish Pipers. We heard music from Eamonn Dillon and Michael Cooney.

We also heard music from Flamenco legend, Ramon Montoya (le Chante du Monde), followed by Mountain Music of Peru (Smithsonian), Balafon music from Senegal (Arion), a song from Czech singer Sui Vesan (World Village), Breton singer Erik Marchand with Le Taraf de Caransebes (RCA France), music from local multi instrumentalist, Laura McKenzie (own label), music from the Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea (Playasound), French musician Gabriel Yacoub (Melodie), and music from early Altan (Green Linnet).

11/25/2007 Songs Of Praise
11/24/2007 Good 'N Country
11/23/2007 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles PLAYLIST 11/23/07

11/23/2007 Louisiana Rhythms
11/23/2007 Fubar Omniverse
11/22/2007 The Dakota Dave Hull Show

Hull, Dakota Dave : New Shirt
New Lost City Rambers : When First Unto This Country
Van Ronk, Dave : Ramblin’ Boy

11/21/2007 House Party
11/21/2007 Stone Soup