4/11/2008 Fubar Omniverse
4/10/2008 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
4/9/2008 House Party
4/9/2008 Stone Soup

A shorter play list this week because of Pledge Drive.

4/9/2008 Echo Chamber

Spring Pledge Drive time at KFAI and the doctors of dub mixed up quite a sonic stew of drum and bass… In fact we lead off with the bass — Lead With the Bass III: on Universal Egg that is. Also featured were the Love Grocer:, Trevor The Technician McKenzie (with vocalist Scott White), Brian Bender the World Beatniks, and Togetha Brotha Sound System.

4/8/2008 Dig Up The Roots

we love to play music
reliant on your support
help moves us all ahead

4/8/2008 Pam Without Boundaries

Johnny D got up early with us this morning, the first Tuesday morning of Spring Pledge Drive at KFAI. Big thanks to him, and to Ross, Pat, Tom, and Janis who brought their energy to action off-air. We had fun with new music from She Him, Foals, and Kaki King. Thanks for checking out the show, and big thanks to listeners who become members and keep this thing going!

4/7/2008 Freewheelin'

Pledge drive show. Thanks to Kevin Barnes from KBEM-FM for stopping by to be my rap partner.

4/7/2008 Good Noise
4/6/2008 Womenfolk

Spring Pledge Drive Edition with special co-host Beth Shaw and live guests Lucy Kaplansky and Karen Mueller!