4/15/2008 Dig Up The Roots

lots of pledging but no furniture cleaning

4/15/2008 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks to Ellen Stanley from Womenfolk Sundays, for getting up early to play in the studio with us on PWB! It was a fun pledge show, and we heard new music from Kris Delmhorst, Mavis Staples, and Paul Thorn. And I’m still high from my beloved John Boutte coming to town with his sister, Lillian, so we started with John and took off from there…

4/14/2008 Freewheelin'
4/14/2008 Good Noise
4/13/2008 Womenfolk

Another Spring Pledge Fest with special co-host Pam and lots of new music!

4/13/2008 Century Song

During the first hour we had in studio guests, Gao Hong, and Shubhendra Rao. We heard live recordings and studio recordings of their Chinese Pipa and sitar collaborations (INNOVA).

During the second hour we had Chinese musician, Chueng-Fung Wong, talking about the ancient zither, the Chin. We heard music from various Chinese recordings.

Thanks to everyone who called and in to support KFAI!

4/13/2008 Songs Of Praise

Get up and get moving music for the spirit minded!

4/12/2008 Good 'N Country
4/11/2008 Radio Antilles

Pledge Drive edition – Thanks to all who pledged KFAI during the Spring, 2008 drive.

4/11/2008 Louisiana Rhythms