Music from the 2012 Folk Alliance International Conference & live in-studio performance by Sarah Morris!

Great “start of the month” Gospel. Good wake-up music. scriptures. and prayer.

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Uncomplicate your life with compilations

The Lady Will Have Her Say: Oum Kalthoum

Austin, Tx. roots-rocker, songwriter extraordinaire Randy Weeks joined us in the studio this afternoon.

After chowing down at a local pizza establishment last night, we led Randy to our basement, where the cool music is stashed. We turned him loose with the collective goal of picking music to play on today’s show.

Randy picked most of the songs aired today; Angie and I selected a handful. Although, we all seemed to be on the same page and the music flowed. It was a pleasure sharing our musical journey with Randy.

If you’d like to see the playlist of songs we played today, just click the “More” button. You may also listen to the archives from that link.

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