3/30/2009 Good Noise

Sarah L subbed for the Good Noise Show today.
Thanks for keeping the masses entertained this morning.
Dale Roger

3/29/2009 Womenfolk

Music from SXSW and a conversation with Edie Carey!

3/29/2009 Century Song

During the second hour we had an interview will Irish Accordionist, Paddy O’Brien and guitarist Daithi Sproule. Live music was Paddy O’Brien with Daithi Sproule, and Paddy O’Brien with Brian Miller.

3/29/2009 Songs Of Praise


3/28/2009 Good 'N Country
3/27/2009 Radio Antilles

Thanks to Tony Paul of The Shake and Bake Show, Mondays 1-3 PM
find it here: for hosting this edition of Radio Antilles.

3/27/2009 Louisiana Rhythms

First Week of Spring with Miss Mo: Rabbits and Music and Floods, Oh My!

3/27/2009 Fubar Omniverse

6 AM
Chango Spasiuk: Tierra Colorada (Pynandí-Los Descalzos; Harmonia Mundi)
Rudy Flores Nini Flores: Colorado (Argentine-Chamame/Musique du Paraná; Ocora Radio France)

3/26/2009 The Dakota Dave Hull Show

-Dakota Dave Hull / New Shirt / New Shirt / Arabica
-Dave Van Ronk /Come Back Baby (Let’s Talk It Over One More Time) / Statesboro Blues / EPM Musique

3/25/2009 House Party