7/12/2009 Century Song

During the first hour we listened to a concert by Sitarist, Shubhendra Rao, one of Ravi Shankar’s outstanding students. The concert was recorded at Winona State University, by Dan Rein.

7/12/2009 Songs Of Praise
7/11/2009 Good 'N Country
7/10/2009 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles Playlist 07/10/09

7/10/2009 Louisiana Rhythms
7/10/2009 Fubar Omniverse

Oum Kalthoum serves up the shortest Fubar Omniverse playlist ever

7/9/2009 The Dakota Dave Hull Show

-Hull, Dakota Dave / New Shirt / New Shirt / Arabica
-Armstrong, Louis / Struttin’ with Some Barbecue / The Hot Fives Sevens / Columbia

7/8/2009 House Party
7/8/2009 Stone Soup
7/8/2009 Echo Chamber

Another summer show full of new music…and a couple of surprises. Starting off the program was the excellent new Kukan Dub Lagan: New Life New Vision. Other new items included Dawa Hi-Fi’s latest (Antik Things) and the very cool From the Oriental School of Dub from Fedayi Pacha: (on Hammerbass). One (by request) surprise: legendary folkie Arlo Guthrie in dub! And to celebrate the new Kukan release, our summer mix was Kukan’s Dub Journey.