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A whole boatload of new sounds on tonight’s program… Brand new releases from Red Star Martyrs (on Dubophonic), Dub Architect, Offoner (on Dan Dada), Dub Terminator & High Freequency, Noble Vibes, Bombay Dub Orchestra, The Scientist meets Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub (yes, that Scientist), Horace Andy & Grant Phabao (on Paris DJs), Karma Dub (another Dubophonic release), Jaqee, Oil City Boom Sound, Echorek, Congo Natty, Secret Archives of the Vatican, The Green (on Easy Star), Yellowman (2-CD retrospective), Babilonci, Farmer Nappy, and the various artists “Halloween at High Noon – Way of the Wicked” on High Noon. On top of that we aired a good chunk of the Dub Rockers Mixtape – Vol 1 mix (Mixed by DJ Juan Love). Rounding out the show with more great selections from King Tubby, Noodleman, YMCK, Dennis Brown, Ott, Jah Malla, Thirsty Moon, Earth Wind & Fire, Jah Thomas, YT, Chicago Afrobeat Project, and more…

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Live in the Studio: Molly Dean

Renowned rapper Phillip Morris, a recent Mpls transplant from Chicago, and Rogue Citizen artist Matt Wells joined Spin with Cyn during the 2nd hour to share unreleased songs, fave songs by fellow artists and talk about their art, the Rogue Citizen exhibition at Cause Spirits and Sound, and more!

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The Children's Program for Northern Ireland.

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During the second hour we had special guest Dan Turpening talking and playing accordion.