Music host: Jean Silverberg
News host: Ryan Dawes
Producer: Ron Thums

Celtic Samhain/Irish Halloween. Folklore, stories, games, food

Hosts: Cory Washington, Siobhan Kierans, Xan Holston
Guests: Ole Savior, RT Rybak, Michael Katch, Michael Stroud, Tane Danger, Brandon Boat
Reporters: Alex Forbes, Kirk Mattson, Dale Connelly

It’s Pledge Drive Time and Karl is joined by Jackson Buck, David Cummings and Pam Hill to talk about the wonders of Louisiana Music.

The Listeners respond by double matching two gifts and generating the biggest pledge drive total for Louisiana Rhythms in three years.

WAHOO!!!! and Thanks You for your support.

Fall 2013 Pledge Drive Week 2: Halloween Dance ‘n’ Pledge Party with Lady Miss Ian, the Pledge Banana

Music Host / Engineer: Miguel Vargas
News Host: Bryan Triechel
Producer: Yvette Howie