Mrs. Glass (Austin, TX) and Lori Barbero joined Spin with Cyn, sharing songs and stories in advance of their week of performances in Minneapolis!

Music Host: Jeanne Silverberg
News Host: Ryan Dawes
Producer: Ron Thums

Ag Caint as Gaeilge: Lesson 01: The Irish accent. Accent quiz-celebrities with real and fake Irish accents. Can you tell the real from the fake and can you identify the speakers?

Program Hosts: Siobhan Kierans and Xan Holston

Dale Connelly
Cynthia Montana
Kirk Mattson
Mary Keating
Rico Morales
Willie Dominguez
John Helgeson.
Aaron Westendorp
Joshua Lowenhagen
Ben Lauer
Nathan Elliot
Janis Lane-Ewart
Alex Forbes
Yvette Howie

today we had live music for sitar and tabla by Bryan Sonday and Pratik Singh.

Eric plays a bunch of Dennis McGee early recordings (1929-1930) back-to-back with newer interpretations of his tunes. Also some Boozoo Chavis and some Cajun Steel guitar music.

Sorting through the Halloween Candy and a salute to Lou Reed with plenty of back-catalog gems, with Travis Ramin.