2/4/2010 The Dakota Dave Hull Show

-Hull, Dakota Dave / New Shirt / New Shirt / Arabica / 3:58
-Hauulea Entertainers / Railroad Blues / It’s Hotter In Hawaii / JSP / 3:20

2/3/2010 House Party
2/3/2010 Stone Soup
2/3/2010 Echo Chamber

Another week filled with new dubs…alongside classic dub and roots. New releases from Citizen Sound, Richie Phoe, Vuelo meets Tony Dubshot, and KFAI’s own e.g. bailey (with his excellent “American Afrikan” album scheduled for release in April). Also…got a start on celebrating Bob Marley’s 65th birthday, and paid respects to King Tubby.

2/2/2010 Dig Up The Roots

Today we played music on the radio.

2/2/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Gave away two copies of the new Clem Snide album, The Meat of Life, out on 429 Records at the end of the month. Chris and Adam will have it before anyone else on their, blocks. We also dipped into The Album Leaf’s new record, and enjoyed the adorable Kitty, Daisy Lewis.

2/1/2010 Freewheelin'

CURTISS A was my special guest this morning. He brought in a big ‘ol bag (of music) and we had a blast.

2/1/2010 Good Noise

The Best Music You’ve Never Heard programmed by local music-head, Trish Thorup

1/31/2010 Womenfolk

Live in the Studio: Ann Reed members of the Twin Cities Women’s Choir

1/31/2010 Century Song

Today we spent the first hour listening to music from the roof top of the world…Tibet.

During the second hour we had special guest Peggy Larson, doing and talking about Norwegian cow calling.