7/22/2010 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
7/21/2010-Click "Episode Details" to hear Al's Rockabilly Quartet & Joe Roberto and Poverty Hash on our FOREVER archives.

7/21/2010 MinneCulture

This week on MinneCulture, Andy Driscoll takes an in-depth look at Penumbra Theatre—celebrating its 34th anniversary as the only Twin Cities theatre producing plays by, of and for the African-American community.

7/21/2010 House Party
7/21/2010 Freewheelin'

If you want to listen to the archives, please note. The show doesn’t start until 3 minutes 25 seconds into the archive….prior to that, it’s old news.

New music included Blaze Foley, Skip Soder, Hot Club Sandwich, Mose Allison, Jimmy LaFave, Nick Gravenities, Molly Maher, Eilen Jewell, and The 4 on the Floor

Anige Pykonen was in the studio for the show. We played a couple of rockabilly tracks to preview the show she and I did on her radio show “IN YOUR EAR” later that night. If you dig rockabilly and want to rock out for a couple of hours, click here In Your Ear

Click MP3 or Real Audio below to hear the Freewheelin’ archive.

7/21/2010 Stone Soup
7/21/2010 Echo Chamber

Tonight we blasted off into space on a summer “Lunar Lunatics” special…commemorating the first moon landing 7/20/1969. This part of the show was planned. What wasn’t planned until days before was that we would also be doing a tribute to the late Lincoln “Sugar” Minott. Sadly, Sugar passed away at the young age of 54 on July 10th. This dubwise trip to the moon, and the far reaches of space is dedicated to the memory of the great Sugar Minott.

7/20/2010 Womenfolk

Live music from Meg Hutchinson a Lilith Fair wrap-up with DJ Pam Hill!

7/20/2010 Spin with Cyn
7/19/2010 MinneCulture

Producer Diane Richard takes us backstage of The Ladysmith Story—a new opera by Gerald Brad Bradshaw that tells the story of Ladysmith, Wisc.