DJ Dig Dug (Matty Werner) who spins for “Party Trap” Thursdays at Pat’s Tap spun favorites – garage, punk, psychedelic and soul. Members of Poverty Hash, Only Living Boy (NJ) and Marvin & The Cloud Wall (AZ) came by to talk about upcoming shows and spun their music.

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During the first hour we listened to a concert by North Indian Flautist, Pravin GodKhindi. The concert took place on 13 September 2009, and was recorded and edited by Dan Rein for the Indian Music Society of Minnesota

Eric features the music of the Savoy Family, collectively and individually! The Savoy Family Band, Marc Savoy, Dewey Balfa/Marc Savoy/ DL Menard, Savoy-Doucet Band, The Band Courtbullion, Pine Leaf Boys, Sarah Savoy & the Francadians, Linzay Young & Joel Savoy, Cajun Country Revival, Valcour Records, and more!

Jazzed Up and Bonkers!

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