3/21/2010 Century Song

Today we listen to a program on the Regional Music of Iran. This the first show in a series of eleven shows focusing on the ethnic and regional music of Iran. Each month the program will focus on one particular region. This first show gave a brief overview of the many different regions and ethnicities that make up the rich and diverse culture of Iran. The show was produced by Dan Rein and Baktash Boghrati.

During the second hour we had in studio guests, Em Waadj, a local Arabic group. Members are Dawn Doering, Salah Fateh, Laura Harada, and Tim O’Keefe.

3/21/2010 Songs Of Praise

Traditional and new Gospel Music.

3/20/2010 Good 'N Country
3/19/2010 Radio Antilles
3/19/2010 Louisiana Rhythms
3/19/2010 Fubar Omniverse

March Madness!

3/18/2010 The Dakota Dave Hull Show

-Hull, Dakota Dave / New Shirt / New Shirt / Arabica / 3:58
-Beiderbecke, Bix / I’m Coming Virginia / Singin’ the Blues / Columbia / 3:13

3/17/2010 House Party
3/17/2010 Stone Soup
3/17/2010 Echo Chamber

The great dub and roots just keeps coming… Tonight we debuted new releases from General Smiley (of Michigan & Smiley) and McPullish, Madtone, Gaudi, Joseph Cotton & Lion Stepper, Uffe, Splitz Horns vs. Dr. Vax, Fatima, Gorillaz, and Echo Ranks & Vibronics.