8/27/2010 Fubar Omniverse

Global Roots Festival 2010 preview and other bands out and about

8/26/2010 The Dakota Dave Hull Show
8/25/2010-Click "Episode Details" to hear Javier & The Innocent Sons on our FOREVER archives.

8/25/2010 MinneCulture

Minnesota Cartoonists Part 2: Indie Strips
Produced by Britt Aamodt

8/25/2010 House Party
8/25/2010 Freewheelin'

Ron and Jean, late of KFAI’s Radio Rumpus Room, filled in for Jackson this week, as he was otherwise engaged in working out the terms of his Work Release arrangement. (Though in fairness the substitute hosts did not get independent confirmation of that claim by anyone, much less the regular host. So maybe you should just pretend we didn’t say that.) — Ron and Jean

8/25/2010 Stone Soup
8/25/2010 Echo Chamber

Another HOT summer show…with a brand new SCOOPs release from Parvez and the Vibronics; a heavy new album from Clinton Fearon; the new single from Dubblestandart featuring Ari Up (put out by Subatomic Sound); and a new track from Jah Wobble. Also tonight: Dr. StrangeDub’s “Summer Dub Storm Mix” and more great stuff from Michael Rose, Haji Mike (remixing Spear’s “Wadada”), Sushidread, ElectroDubCompany, The Ventures, Dr. Echo, Senor Coconut, Steve Steppa (dubbing “Chariots of Fire” theme), The Jaztronauts, Kenny Knots & Vibronics, and more…

8/24/2010 Womenfolk

Songs celebrating the full moon and more ticket giveaways!

8/24/2010 Spin with Cyn

Bedlam Blast and special guest Knol Tate’s ’80s and Satellite Voices Blast