4/20/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Thanks to Joe and Ryan from In the Cinema: for coming in during the 8am hour to talk about making music under their current name, and as The Illness Project. We also heard new music from Tony Allen, Caribou, and The Slackers this morning.

4/19/2010 Freewheelin'

This was the “no, Leon Russell did not die today” show. I had calls from concerned listeners wondering if Leon passed away….all because I played more than one of his songs in a row!!

Glad to say he’s still with us.

Also, we continued to listen to the new release by Peter Wolf, plus played the usual mix that took us all over the roots map.

Click “More” for the complete playlist.

4/19/2010 Good Noise

some older R B, a new soft-rock-folk from Me Him and a visit from former ‘Mystery Train’ (former KFAI show) host David Wiley.

4/18/2010 Womenfolk

Amanda Balagur sits in for Ellen while she’s on the North Shore!

4/18/2010 Century Song
4/18/2010 Songs Of Praise

Thanks to Evangelist jacquelynn Houston for coming in and assisting in serving up a portion of her grace and poise to our audience. A special thanks to Dr.

4/17/2010 Good 'N Country
4/16/2010 Radio Antilles
4/16/2010 Louisiana Rhythms
4/16/2010 Fubar Omniverse