Dennis Pelowski, The Meat Puppets manager, and Chris Mozena, Roots Rock and Deep Blues Festival organizer, joined Spin w/ Cyn spinning favorites and artist highlights from the RR&DB Festival July 13, 2013.

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In 2005, three friends formed a band and called it the Brass Kings. Now in its sixth year, the trio is going strong, exploring new sounds, and even talking about regular rehearsals. Hear how this unusual group formed, as the players describe how their different paths led them to this unique, acoustic sound. Produced by Dale Connelly.

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    Many thanks to David Cummings for spinning some great tunes on today's show while I was away. Also, check out his show Rockin' In Rhythm Monday afternoons 2-4PM here on KFAI.

DJ Danny Sigelman fills in for the voiceless Blanche

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