During the first hour we listened to Kurdish Music from the Abeedar Ensemble. The concert was recorded in Tehran, Iran by Dan Rein.

This week's show included a tribute to singer, songwriter, arranger and music publisher "Cowboy" Jack Clement, who passed away August 8th after a long battle with liver problems. He was 82.

Karl starts off with some Cajun tracks by the ladies. Followed with some Zydeco. Then Karl features the Valcour record label. Winding up with a little Swamp Pop and finally some Zydeco Classics by Nathan Williams and Boozoo Chavis.

Inspired by the Omniversal Jam

Music Host: Brenda Bell Brown
News Host: Trisha Collopy / Bryan Triechel
Producer: Yvette Howie

Music Host / Engineer: Mark Koerner
News Host: Janis Lane-Ewart
Producer: Paul Brohaugh