Whatever you're celebrating this year, celebrate here in the Echo Chamber with us! We've got not one, but TWO Dubsteps-of-the-Bells! Plus Big Red and the Cool Yule, being Jimmy Bowman's hipster retelling of The Night Before Christmas… plus Spike Jones, City Slickers and all, taking the original poem and making a proper song out of it, four songs after Adam and Eve crawl up Sir Lord Comic's sleeve and never come down until Christmas Eve.

Today I was joined in the studio by soul man Ronn Easton of Ronn Easton's All Star Revue. Together, we reminisced about our childhood Christmases and the music we listened to back in the day as our famililes got ready for Xmas dinner.

The list below spans the 50's, the 60's and the 70's. And please remember our sons, daughters, fathers, brothers and sisters-in-arms in the armed forces. These service folks are away from home and missing their families. Send a Xmas Care package if you can.

Annual "Songs of Winter" special, celebrating the season with songs about Christmas, cold & the snow!

*New Releases

**Womenfolk Theme Song

Monty Lee Wilkes, Minnesota-based, world renowned Front of House sound engineer, joined as my special guest. He's worked with local legendary artists such as Prince, The Replacements, Curtiss A, Johnny Rey, and international artists such as Nirvana, the Smithereens, the dB's, Redd Kross, Britney Spears and innumerable more.  Monty shared favorite songs and stories, from bands he's worked with over the years, and more! He shared stories about how he began doing sound, great anecdotes from live shows, and his approach to doing sound from smaller clubs to arena rock.

Ron Borowiak (aka Santa Claus) talking about Christmas, travels, toys, and children while his two caribou (reindeer) chomped the grass on the station roof.