This journey took us thru multiple genres and tempos – with a healthy dose of new tunes mixed in with music from the ages.  Next week, I'll be chatting again with Garland Jeffreys. 

In an opening set – I feature 2 songs from 3 women vocalists alternating to start today's program.  The countries represented in the set are Jordan, Mali & The Congo.  Then another birthday celebration – this time a bitter sweet tribute to Prince – who would have been 58 had he still been alive today.  An eight-song set tribute fills up the middle part of today's program.  Later in my two-hour set I return to a female vocalist from Spain and a Cuba/Spain collaboration featuring Cigala & Bebo Valdes, who relocated to Sweden.

Huge week in the old Echo Chamber! Tons of new tunes, and some old ones mixed in! Also tonight we were blessed to once again reason with Ras Midas, “The Musical Prophet”. In this 2nd part of Dr. StrangeDub’s interview Ras Midas discussed the tracks “Burning Revelation”, “Zion Last Train”, & “Plague And Armagedeon” from the seminal album “Rastaman In Exile”. The album was first released in 1980, and was re-released (with bonus tracks) in 2016. Back to the new music this week… This included new releases from Schlachthofbronx, Negritage, Stand High Patrol, Pablo Moses (produced by Harrison Stafford), Jah Sun, Jidenna, Vibronics meet Conscious Sounds, Noise Cans, The Heliocentrics, AlgoRhythmiK, Irie G (Greg Cryns), Omar Souleyman, and Trevor “The Technician” McKenzie. Also tonight we played a track from each of Putumayo’s Cuban collections (“Cuba! Cuba!” and “Cuban Playground”), plus tracks from newly re-released classic albums from Culture and the Congos.

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Interview with Siri Undlin, ticket giveaways & live music from Jillian Rae!

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**Womenfolk Theme Song