Opening today's show with sounds of Paris — with a bossa nova & a folk swing.  Paris is also known for its links to African nations – so I go to a very recent release from Senegalese mbalax artist, Youssou N'dour.  After an extended set from N'dour I play a brand new release from a French jazz combo covering some American classics.  In recent weeks I have been playing vocalists from North Africa and continue with tracks from Souad Massi's first release; Massi is an Algerian ex-pat living in France.  

Weather is what happens when Strangedub's making other plans… such as f'rinstance getting back into town from blizzard-stricken New York in time to do Echo Chamber! So leave it to d.j. babyswiss to pilot the entire 4-hour tour this week, launching into the Dubniverse from Dub Syndicate's "Precinct Of Sound" in order to do a little time traveling!

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Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Celtic tunes and music by your favorite Patties & Mollies!

*New Releases

**Womenfolk Theme Song

Hey Baba Reba…check it out folks. Key words: rave on, crack up, the most exciting organ ever, yes we can, lift off, pretty much amazing, sing to the moon, beautiful, ghost stories, haunted mansion, swinging wake, alfred and thurl, come wander, she knew dylan, what the funk harvey, love the life you live, and remember folks – don't forget to blaze on, have fun, and remember to smile.

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