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Minnesota State Fair preview with musical highlights, new food news & insider tips!

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Central America comes into focus a bit with music from the Garifuna Collective – returning to the Cedar soon… alongside Ruben Blades (Panama) & Lila Downs (Oaxaca, Mex.) in the first set of today's program.  Doug offers up some Cuban musicians as the first hour unfolds… into the second.  Some efforts from the famous Buena Vista Social Club tours… including Barbarito Torres, Eliades Ochoa, & Ruben Gonzalez; some modern Cuban musicians from the '90's – Manolin & Paulito F.G.; and finally a local Cuban combo from the Twin Cities… Malamanya !

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Guest host Chris sits in this week with music preformed by bands made up of brothers as well as bands made up of sisters.  Featured live performances include the Sawtooth Brothers, We Banjo 3 and Sister Tree.