Myra Molloy - World Exposure Interview with Cher Dial

Myra Molloy is a American-Thai soprano, classical crossover and pop artist. Born in Bangkok September 18, 1997, her father is American and her mother is Thai. Myra has made frequent trips to New York with her family since she was really young where she fell in love with Broadway. She was fascinated by The Phantom of the Opera, more than once standing through the entire performance with her $26 standing room ticket. She still tries to attend every musical that she possibly can.
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Irene Soderberg - World Exposure Interview With Cher Dial

Irene Soderberg is a powerhouse performer, acclaimed in hundreds of clubs across the country. From Seattle to New York, Chicago to Denver, Key West to Portland, Provincetown to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Honolulu, Irene is well known for her live performances in theater venues, cabarets and benefits. Based in Los Angeles, Irene is involved in film, television, writing and music.
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