You may have to listen to the archives to hear more of what was played. We still have not been able to list the tunes after they go into the system. The tunes below are the ones I played from physical CDs. Sorry for that but we are trying to to correct the situation.

I am not a Black Pot so here I am doing the show. So I watched a movie about Zydeco last night and I kept thinking, " I wish they would play this song or talk to this band." So the litener's got to hear me take out my frustration and play all the stuff I wanted the movie to play. Well not everything but a bunch of it. Zydeco mostly but I found some Cajun to play and then I had to play some by the Revelers who are coming to town in November.

Today's program opens with a couple Dave Van Ronk classics leading into a few rare Harry Belafonte tracks – followed by some Dylan civil rights gems.  I come out of that period to Michael Franti & Spearhead and on to three locals Willie Murphy, Maria Isa and Jon Rodine.  The latter leads into a tribute to a lost West Bank community member Sarah Bowman – who sadly left us in recent weeks.