State Fair preview & live music from Ingunn Ringvold & Mark Olson!

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**Womenfolk Theme Song

Spin with Cyn Celebrates Monty Lee Wilkes. Soundguys and musician friends of MLW, who worked him, shared favorite stories and songs celebrating MLW's extraordinary life and contributions as a world-renowned FOH sound and recording engineer.

Clips from last Tuesday's Malarkey Brunch with Northerly Gales, Todd Menton, Patsy O'Brien, and Karie Oberg.

Nanobii ( more here: ) from Sweden is tonight's special guest.  We chat on 'Happy' hardcore, Comiket and listen to several of his tunes.   Music includes Delora, Hello Meteor, Oscillian, SelloRekT/LA Dreams, Myrone, Total Contact, Client Liaison and much more.