Highlights today include women vocalists from Algeria &  Jordan – as well as instrumentalists from Nubia & Spain.  Vocals also from Mali & the Sahara region.  An old chestnut comes out in this first week of the Trump reign – "Winter in America" — closing with some West African & Latin dance tracks.

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Remembering Maggie Roche & a conversation with Catie Curtis

*New Releases

**Womenfolk Theme Song

Romantica's Tony Zaccardi and Danger Dave Strahan joined Spin with Cyn, celebrating Romantica's forthcoming release, "Shadowlands."

Dòrain (do-RINE rhymes with "mine"), a folk band from the Twin Cities playing traditional Scottish and Irish music, particularly songs featuring three-part harmonies. The band sings in English and Scottish Gallic.  The name is an Anglicization of the Gallic word dòbhrain, which means “otters”. 

Dòrain is Cara Weggler, Alexander Dove Lempke, and Iain Dove Lempke.