Membership drive

   This was week 2 of our spring membership drive. We were joined by lots of KFAI talent! Many thanks to Jean Silverberg (Tuesday's Morning Blend 6AM-8AM), Eve MacLeish (Corazon Latino-Tuesdays Noon-2PM) and Elmar Romain (co-hosting In Your Ear with Angie Pykonen Thursdays Midnight-2AM followed by his own Rocket Ship Ska Trip Thursdays 2AM-6AM). Of course, THANK YOU so very much for joining KFAI or renewing your membership. It truly means everything to us!

Greetings for a membership drive edition of GPlenty.  Thanks to all who clicked and called 612-375-9030.

Pledge-no, wait, we're supposed to be changing the lexicon—membership mania with DJ Mr. Gosh, Cousin Andy, and all you members of Team Fubar, Team Friday, Team KFAI. Thanks for the donations over the phone and online.