With the annual Obon Lantern Lighting festival days away, the Echo Chamber took a trip to Japan tonight! On top of that the good doctor mixed in some great new tracks from Pama International, The Hempolics, Hirie, and The Bombay Royale, plus a few more dubs and tings. The trip to Japan started with Dry & Heavy along with King Jammy, and was followed by Likkle Mai, Mystica Tribe, Seijiman & Keyco, Little Tempo, Chimp Beams, Boom One Sound, and Alambic Conspiracy. And that was just the first half of the show…

After the half, babyswiss took the show just about all the way Japanese (other than the now-obligatory Upsetters’ “Na Na Hey Hey” to finish), complete with Eddi Reader guesting on a Little Tempo cut and Manu Chao collabing with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. Oki (both with and without his Dub Ainu Band) got saluted with a four-song set, YMCK chiptuned an old Haruomi Hosono goodie, and other “usual suspects” who turned up included Shiina Ringo, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Perfume and Capsule (which is what Yasutaka Nakata does when he’s not busy crafting fresh new Kyary or Perfume tracks). the only thing missing was some hot Taiko drumming, and there’ll be lots of that going on this Sunday at Como Park’s annual Obon Festival! In any case, Echo Chamber will make up for the omission next week. Na na hey hey, M-m-mmmmah!

Songs for summertime & the solar eclipse!

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**Womenfolk Theme Song

Had interview today with Blues producer, vocalist, songwriter and harmonica man Mr. Rick Estrin from Rick Estrin & The Night Cats. We talked about his new release "Groovin In Greaseland" out on Alligator Records on August 18th, 2017. Look for the interview in the archives for today, Tuesday August 15, 2017 at about 2:10pm.

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