90 minutes from the State Fair with musicians Tom Klein, Chad McAnally, Tom Juenemann, Tom Lockney, and Paul Garding and dancers Sonja Swanson  and Carmen Swanson. Guests Tom Scanlon, Geri Connolly, Patrick O'Donnell, and Paul Garding.

(First hour of show is archived under program "Health Notes")

DJ MoZho is back—Back back it up! Your Labor Day weekend never sounded so good. On the grill: a reggaeton remix of "Truffle Butter," that Royce/JLo/Pitbull joint, a BeyDay shoutout to the Queen, and lots more.

If you like what you hear here, be sure to tune in 9/18 when MoZho returns. In the meantime, enjoy!

Snapchat art by yours truly aka DJ MoZho aka MoZho née Mojo aka Minna Zhou.


Continuing the brass conversation from two weeks ago, The Budos Band throw down some serious sounds to start the show. All hail! Then we head into a few more State Fair and festival tracks and stories that didn't make it on the State Fair show, as I would say (thanks U Roy), check out some live desert blues from Terakaft, and finish with some R&B and jazz from points south and north.