In for the Voice this week, it's your friendly neighborhood Midnight Rider, heralded by none other than that chief Bad Manner himself, Fatty "Buster" Bloodvessel, with his merry band's reggaefied take on an old Allman Bros. number about some midnight rider. You also got two completely unrelated songs called "C.P.U." (the second one, by Japanese idol outfit Cheeky Parade, has a question mark in its title) as well as three equally unrelated songs identically titled "Call Me" kicking off hour 2. The "Call Me" you may never have heard before, the vibey jazz disco cut,  was the work of Dr.

New stuff by Jonah Tochlin, Lawrence, Mudcrutch, Shovels & Rope, Cindy Lauper, Golden State Lone Star Blues Revue.; plus, Erik Koskinen, Big George Jackson, Robert Plant, Pistol Whippin' Party Penguins, Zeppelin, Angela Strehli, birthday boys Todd Rundgren and Howard Kaylan of Flo & Eddie, Johnny Cash, Los Lobos and much more.

That's What You Get members Dawn Sauvignon and Mike Reagan joined Spin with Cyn celebrating the release of their new limited edition vinyl, "Party Songs for Future Wars" and their Saturday night Grumpy's DT July residency (shows at 10 p.m.)! We spun from their new vinyl, and many favorites, including local bands Gang Font, The Hand, Ol' Yeller, Frances Gumm, The Replacements and more!


In tonight's first hour, we celebrate the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson's 74th birthday and the Kinks' Ray Davies' 72nd birthday. The second hour is dedicated to music related to recently passed musician/songwriter/producer Chips Moman.