Audio snapshots from my much-needed spring vacation, to Tampa Bay for the 2015 NCAA Women's Final Four, with a side trip to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, and on to New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival.

Just Like Paradise: All 80s


Last Ninja (Wastelands)!!!

Colin has returned from a family holiday in Dubai with a mixtape that's unusual and immersive. Thoughtful yet upbeat. Can you guess the link that's propelling him?

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Shadow Planet surveys the many amazing vocalists of Nightwish.

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This week, in for Angie and The Nighthawk, it's Norrie Morse!

Questions: Can classical gas power flying saucers? Can Fujiya and Miyagi truly go in one ear and out the other? Did you know that lollipops could use their paws to swim in space? And will these impenetrably strange questions really be answered by the music on this playlist?  Yagotta be kidding me… so enjoy the show, it's up for the next two weeks!


April 15, 2015

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This show was hosted by Cher Dial and Doug The Thug.