6/29/2007 Crap From The Past

Midnight Confessions with Barry Schmidt, Robert Cohen, Brad Savage, Superlistener Tom and Ron

6/29/2007 Radio Rumpus Room

The dogs bark but the caravan passes. — Arab proverb

6/29/2007 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles PLAYLIST 06/29/07 ARTIST/SONG/CD/LABLE * New Song

6/29/2007 Fubar Omniverse
6/29/2007 Voice Cried Softly
6/28/2007 In Your Ear
6/27/2007 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Cool tunes from up North, most on good ol’ vinyl discs long out of print….and a few CD’s to boot.

6/27/2007 Rockin' In Rhythm
6/27/2007 Dart Gun Radio
6/26/2007 Pam Without Boundaries

New releases highlighted this week include the new Ryan Adams album Easy Tiger, the new Beastie Boys instrumental record The Mix-Up, and Jimmy LaFave’s new one Cimarron Manifesto came up a couple times. He’s playing at the Cedar Cultural Center: Friday, June 29th, with Jon Rodine.