4/30/2008 Rockin' In Rhythm

Much of this morning’s music was from the pen of the late Clyde Otis. All that and the play list as well.

4/30/2008 Dart Gun Radio
4/29/2008 Pam Without Boundaries

New releases to celebrate from Portishead (out 4/29), Eliza Gilkyson (out 5/27), and a new live album from The Cinematic Orchestra. Check out the playlist for more of what we heard.

4/28/2008 Jet Set Planet

Playing records from the KFAI Spring record sale!

4/28/2008 Freewheelin'

Lots of new music this week…over half the songs I played were from new releases.

I’m working on a couple of events I’d like to tell you about.

On Saturday, May 17th I’ve been given 3 slots to book at the 331 Club’s outdoor stage for Art-A-Whirl. So, I booked 3 roots groups: The Front Porch Swingin’ Liquor Pigs, Al Subola’s Rockabilly Quartet, and Matt Pudas Friends.
The event lasts all-day and into the night. For a full lineup, go to: 331 Club Dot COm.

Then, on Friday, May 23rd I’ve put together another edition of the 416 Club at The Cedar Cultural Center. For that, I’ve booked Molly Maher Her Disbelievers, Erik Koskonin, and Matt Pudas Friends. Another great night of roots/americana on the wonderful Cedar stage.

I hope to see you at either or both of these events. If people show up, they’ll let me keep booking. Otherwise, adios senor jackson.

Click more below to link to the playlist for this week:

4/28/2008 Sonic Pleasure
4/25/2008 Crap From The Past

Kraftwerk was here

4/25/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

Listen up! This album packs more punch than a cluster bomb cuz every cut on it is just as lean and tough as me. Every one of these records was released in 1967 or before. That is, before the music and morals of this country took a dive straight to the bottom of the latrine. It seems to me that during that Summer of Love B.S. the fun lovin’, clean livin’ teens of ’67 were corrupted into the laid back, bearded, drug takin’ hippies of ’68. The same cocaine-snortin’ crew that today is raisin’ the most foul-talkin’, whinin’, snivilin’, dirtball generation in the history of mankind. If you don’t believe ol’ Vic then go down to your local high school. KEY-RIST! You’ll hear more cussin’ than I did in the Battle of the Bulge!… Case closed.

— Vic Morrow (as Combat’s Sgt. Chip Saunders) in his guest commentary to the LP Root ’66 — The Frozen Few: Minnesota Teen Bands 1964-1967)

4/25/2008 Radio Antilles

RA 4/25/08 edition
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4/25/2008 Fubar Omniverse