5/23/2008 Crap From The Past

Was (Not Was) was here (not here)

5/23/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

Please do not put ticket in your mouth.

— Sign taped to ticket dispensing machine in the parking lot next to the KFAI studios

5/23/2008 Radio Antilles
5/23/2008 Fubar Omniverse
5/23/2008 Across The Board


5/23/2008 Voice Cried Softly
5/22/2008 In Your Ear
5/21/2008 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Tonight begins a stretch of Danish music leading up to Danish Day, June 8th on the grounds of the Danebo Residence (now the Danish Center) at 31st St and West River Road in Minneapolis. Google Danish Day Minneapolis for the schedule.

Please note the Roskildemusik CD is an independent, limited production issue.

5/21/2008 Rockin' In Rhythm
5/21/2008 Dart Gun Radio