9/5/2008 Crap From The Past

Two from Leon Haywood (not much of a theme)

9/5/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

Gilligan: Skipper, watch out for that —

(sound effect) BONK!

Skipper: Thanks, Gilligan…

— much too frequently an overheard conversation on Gilligan’s Isle

9/5/2008 Radio Antilles

RA Playlist 9/5/08

9/5/2008 Fubar Omniverse
9/5/2008 Across The Board

Collectors Corner with Sirens Of Titan

9/5/2008 Voice Cried Softly
9/4/2008 In Your Ear
9/3/2008 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Tonights music from a good Swedish friend….Mats Eden. Beginning with Groupa in the late 70’s-early 80’s up to the present, Mats musical career has expanded to include teaching, composing (both folk-based world music and classical), touring and recording. He has spent much time at the feet of older Swedish master musicians learning their craft in the time-honored way. Among others he has learned from Oscar Andersson, Mångskog, Värmalnd, and Pekkos-Gustav, Binsjö, Dalarna. Mats has also studied much in Norway. He has appeared in the Twin Cities at Nordic Fest and should be coming again this year.

9/3/2008 Rockin' In Rhythm

Summer’s over and it’s back to school on Rockin’ in Rhythm.

9/3/2008 Dart Gun Radio