Michael George aka Stallon Jones aka the founder of 30th Floor Records is the special guest. More info here: . on the show we talk his record label, his latest release and his awesome 2013 Halloween classic, "Wolf at my Door".  Music also featured from Dana Jean Phoenix, The Northern Lights, The Party, Quasars, Pengus, Milli Vanilli and much more!  

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Fortunately on tonight's program we sink no lower than toilet jokes. (571)



This show is dedicated to Spark.







Mick Ronson – Only After Dark 3:31

(Slaughter On 10th Ave / Snapper)


Lydia Lunch – Spooky 2:42 (dedication)

(single / UFO Records)


Air – Cherry Blossom Girl 3:35

Hated Because of Great Qualities!!