2/20/2009 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles Playlist 2/27/09

2/20/2009 Fubar Omniverse

I can has birthday?

2/20/2009 Across The Board

Butt Rock!!!!

2/20/2009 Voice Cried Softly

Reminiscor Man vs. DWI Wiley!

2/19/2009 In Your Ear
2/18/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Our annual trip to Røros for the winter Martna street market and festival. Tonight we feature Glåmos Spellmannslag in recordings spanning the last 40 years as well as numbers from top band Dalakopa.

2/18/2009 Rockin' In Rhythm

A tribute to Black History Month today.

2/18/2009 Dart Gun Radio

This show, just skip though all of my talking.

2/17/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

The distinct and fabulous halves of BeatrixJAR: were my guests this morning to talk about the Spark Festival:, a 6-day multi-venue display of local, national, and even international (Amsterdam!) talents in electronic music and art. How do you define electronic music and art? We got a little talky in the first half of the 8:00 hour as we went through some of its incarnations: sound appropriation, audio collage, sound art, circuit-bending, looping…it goes on, but we wrapped it up and got back to the music. Eventually.

2/17/2009 Our Show of Shows

Four and Twenty Women Edition

The Big Wu
Barrymore Theater