12/2/2008 Our Show of Shows

Thirteen Question Method Edition
Texas International Pop Festival

12/1/2008 Jet Set Planet

The Hymies’ Basement Sale Special

12/1/2008 Freewheelin'
12/1/2008 Sonic Pleasure

John Lennon Tribute

11/28/2008 Crap From The Past

SubCulture hosts Pinky Hurricane and Pop Culture say, Yes we can give thanks!

11/28/2008 Radio Rumpus Room

Power-pop-obsessed maniac Todd Mayberry kept the noise comin’ while Ron and Jean scoured the Upper Midwest for a free turkey dinner. Any show that kicks off with the Sadistic Mika Band and the Bay City Rollers is gonna pin your ears back, so listen up!

11/28/2008 Radio Antilles

RA Playlist 11/28/08 ARTIST / SONG / CD / LABLE *

11/28/2008 Fubar Omniverse
11/28/2008 Across The Board

Doug The Thug is carving the turkey.

11/28/2008 Voice Cried Softly