6/1/2009 Jet Set Planet

We like to repeat ourselves. Yes, we enjoy saying things twice.

6/1/2009 Freewheelin'
6/1/2009 Sonic Pleasure
5/29/2009 Crap From The Past

Mike Nesmith Killed The Radio Star

A pretty good show this week!

5/29/2009 Radio Rumpus Room

Guitar player played a solo
one note at a time
Organ player disappeared
and drank a bottle of wine
We tried to save my discography
But in the end we had to sever
We tried to make a record
But we couldn’t get it together

— Eugene Chadbourne, We Tried To Make A Record But We Couldn’t Get It Together

5/29/2009 Radio Antilles

Radio Antilles Playlist 5/29/09

5/29/2009 Fubar Omniverse

6 AM
Thione Seck: Assalo (featuring Bombay Jayashri) (Orientation; Sterns Music)

5/29/2009 Across The Board

Mick Ronson Tribute pt. 5: Play Don’t Worry

5/29/2009 Voice Cried Softly

Proud Mary Keep On Boinin!!

5/28/2009 In Your Ear