This week the Pop Shop spotlights Robin Gibb and Donna Summer, and spins Afro-beat, international garage and harmonious pop.

Live from Minnesota presents…

Patty & the Buttons at the Red Stag Supperclub
Produced by Tom Garneau

Patty and the Buttons formed in 2008 when accordionist/vocalist Patrick “Patty” Harison returned to the Midwest. Inspired by his travels and work Panorama Jazz Band, Loose Marbles and the Baby Soda Jazz Band, he formed the Buttons to continue his love of hot rhythm and happy feet. The band’s eclectic repertoire includes New Orleans Traditional Jazz, Western Swing, Gypsy Melodies, Dust Bowl Ballads, Jug Music and 1930’s Popular Song. The core instrumentation of accordion, clarinet, guitar and bass is light and swift, but also beautifully melancholy and lush. Known as an accordionist, Patty doubles as the bands vocalist, with a vocal style that has been described as “Tom Waits meets Rudy Vallee.” This show was produced for KFAI by Tom Garneau.

Play list for 05-21-12

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Donna Summer (1948-2012)

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