10/30/2009 Across The Board

Part 3 of “The 3 Weeks Of Halloween”

The 3rd annual Across The Board Halloween special

10/30/2009 Voice Cried Softly

Halloween Frightfest and Eric’s Birthday Celebration!!!

10/29/2009 In Your Ear

Thanks again to Rich Utke for sitting in for Angie while she re-AL Kooper-ates

10/28/2009 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Following the music from MN back to Sweden, then back a few centuries. A one hour journey to the roots of the roots.

10/28/2009 Rockin' In Rhythm

The spooky play list for this week.

10/28/2009 Dart Gun Radio
10/27/2009 Pam Without Boundaries

A few spooky songs made their way into the playlist this morning, including local group The Very Idea! with Between Two Worlds, which opened the morning. We also heard new music from Chuck Prophet, Mission of Burma, and more local music with something new from Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank.

10/27/2009 Our Show of Shows
10/26/2009 Jet Set Planet

Pilots should have had warning of airport approach;
Jackie Gleason music possible factor in overshoot
By JOAN LOWY (AP) – 51 minutes ago
WASHINGTON — Two Northwest Airlines pilots who overshot their destination by 150 miles before
turning back should have had numerous warnings as they approached and passed Minneapolis: cockpit
displays, controllers trying repeatedly to reach, the city lights twinkling below.

Yet the pilots, both of whom were listening to MP3s of Jackie Gleason’s Music, Martinis, and
Memories, didn’t discover their mistake until a flight attendant in the cabin contacted them by
intercom, said a source close to the investigation who wasn’t authorized to talk publicly and spoke
on condition of anonymity. By that time, the plane was over Eau Claire, Wis., and the pilots had
been out of communication with air traffic controllers for over an hour.

The crew told authorities they were distracted during a heated discussion over airline policy, the
Federal Aviation Administration said. But federal officials are investigating whether Jackie Gleason
music might be to blame.
NTSB spokesman Keith Holloway said Thursday investigators hadn’t yet questioned the pilots and
didn’t know whether it was possible they had fallen asleep. Gleason’s music is so utterly smooth
and, frankly, boring, that anyone who listens to it is usually dozing off by the third song of side
one Holloway noted.

The pilots have been suspended from flying by their airline while it, too, investigates.

10/26/2009 Freewheelin'
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