1/19/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Tried to give our ears some positive songs this morning: Karl Denson’s new one Brother’s Keeper, Sly the Family Stone You Can Make It If You Really Try, The Brass Kings When the Springtime Comes and the like. Also played songs from Teddy Pendergrass and Jay Reatard, as small thanks for sharing their creativity with the world. Both too young to have left us.

1/19/2010 Our Show of Shows
1/18/2010 Jet Set Planet

The Spoken Word Special brought to you by Brian and Mike!

1/18/2010 Freewheelin'

A big thanks to the fabulous roots artist, Molly Maher for coming in this morning with a huge stack of music for us to enjoy.

1/18/2010 Sonic Pleasure
1/15/2010 Crap From The Past

Fooball and 45s

1/15/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

You just stay in the damn chariot, Chuck. I’ll make sure you win the goddamn race.

— Ben Hur stunt coordinator to Charlton Heston, who drove his own chariot in the film’s signature action sequence. (Heston confided his concern that he wouldn’t measure up once they added seven more chariot teams with experienced drivers in the ring.)

1/15/2010 Radio Antilles

Filling in for a busy Johnny D this week, Rocket Ship’s d.j. cozy little takes you around the world, from Jamaica (Glen Brown, Twinkle Bros.) to Brazil (São Paolo Ska Jazz, Sergio Mendez) to Russia (Cabernet Deneuve, St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review) to Australia (Jamaica’s Skatalites’ most recent!) to Japan (Little Tempo, Shiina Ringo) and beyond (International Observer)!

1/15/2010 Fubar Omniverse
1/15/2010 Across The Board

Collectors Corner with DJ Lola