2/3/2010 Dart Gun Radio

another night – another show… and yet it feels good. Nothing to say and nothing’s special

2/2/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

Gave away two copies of the new Clem Snide album, The Meat of Life, out on 429 Records at the end of the month. Chris and Adam will have it before anyone else on their, blocks. We also dipped into The Album Leaf’s new record, and enjoyed the adorable Kitty, Daisy Lewis.

2/2/2010 Our Show of Shows
2/1/2010 Jet Set Planet

Chicago Scores, Part II

*featured artist: Sven Libaek

2/1/2010 Freewheelin'

CURTISS A was my special guest this morning. He brought in a big ‘ol bag (of music) and we had a blast.

2/1/2010 Sonic Pleasure
1/29/2010 Crap From The Past

CFTP’s 18th Birthday

1/29/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

I hope he wins.

— Jean’s comment upon seeing headline President Obama vs Asian Carp in Minneapolis Star-Tribune. (The story was about Upper Midwest politicos petitioning the president to ask Illinois to close gates allowing the vile invasive species access to the Upper Mississippi.)

1/29/2010 Radio Antilles
1/29/2010 Fubar Omniverse