2/10/2010 Scandinavian Cultural Hour

Our annual virtual visit to the Norwegian village of Røros to celebrate the 157th annual Martna festival in the streets, shops and homes of this historic mining center.

2/10/2010 Rockin' In Rhythm

Black History Month week two. Play list and archives.

2/10/2010 Dart Gun Radio

Requests going out to MCAD faculty, a Dancing rat maid, good times had by all

2/9/2010 Pam Without Boundaries

This morning we celebrated the 8th Annual Rejection Day, counter-Valentine’s Day special. This meant songs from Hank, Patsy, Richard Thompson and John Prine—they must be part of every year’s special due to their large catalog of sad songs of rejection. We also heard first-timers to the morning of misery, including Charlie Hunter, Juliana Hatfield and local group the Roe Family Singers debuted their new Radio Round-Up weekly segment on PWB. Check the playlist for more, and thanks for all the great requests!

2/9/2010 Our Show of Shows
2/8/2010 Jet Set Planet

A request for Ralph Burns, an Accordion set, and Montparnasse gold!

2/8/2010 Freewheelin'
  • An asterisk indicates new release or re-issue.

2/8/2010 Sonic Pleasure
2/5/2010 Crap From The Past

I’m sure this is just what Neil Diamond had in mind

2/5/2010 Radio Rumpus Room

I got a voodoo head
On my swifter shifter
Pop the clutch — WHAM!

— The MC5, Thunder Express