Whats better than Barbados…? New music from Miami based Night Raptor ( ). The show premieres a tune off Night Raptors forth coming EP due out March 31.  Also, music from Aretha Franklin, Kenny Loggins, Silverhawk, Marvel 83, Missing Words, The TCR and much more.  Blending old and new bringing 80s and nostalgia to the airwaves through a journey in sound.  

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March Madness and Spring Membership Drive, with big brassy sounds for the season with your hosts, Blanchety Blanche, Jean Silverberg, and The Nighthawk. 

Id like to thank Dan, Jenny S, Tina C, Joe F, Michael, Marcus, Libby, Blake, and the SLT family
for their support.
Enjoy, DJ SLT
Mick Ronson – Only After Dark 3:31
(Slaughter On 10th Ave / Snapper)
Billy Porter 3:34
(Play Don't Worry / Snapper)

Noisy 80s/90s and PLEDGE DRIVE!!