Nothing short of Rocking your Body, Noah brings the 80s sound back to the Twin Cities airwaves! Welcome back to the NEW 80s sound Twin Cities

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The Annual Swamp Pop Radio Show and Marathon

Ms. Blanche from the Fubar Omniverse and Karl from Louisiana Rhythms get together to play four hours of Louisana Swamp Pop music. All the hits you never knew about. Teenage hormones meet accordions. Pregnant pauses meet Cajun Rap. Overwrought ballads and stories of love gone bad. New cover versions of hits you thought you knew. Oh, and the kitchen sink.

All of this on the Swamp Pop Radio Show.



Weston East, now a.k.a. "St. Weston" was in for DJ SLT this week, starting things off with Edwin Astley's TV theme "The Saint." SLT will get it. Cheeky Parade's "Candy Pop Galaxy Bomb!!" reminded one listener of "Bohemian Rhapsody" so I followed it up with a composition performed by another J-idol outfit, 5572320, called "Ponpara Pekoruna Papiyotta", actually known in some circles as Japan's answer to "Bohemian Rhapsody". The song, an ad jingle(!) was written to plug a coconut biscuit!

Melodie Citronique!!

This week Izzy & Liberty got waylaid, leaving the Pop Shop in the hands of a very surprised d.j. cozy little… so "Sir Prize" by the Starlight Mints wound up somewhere in a mostly-doubleshots playlist, paired-up with Sugar Blaster, both from the 'Mints debut The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of. The Cardigans, Billy Joel, Perfume and Blondie also made it to the soda fountain this week. Wish you the best, Izzy & Finch!