(continued from Voice Cried Softly… ) Subsonic Stu sez: Exclusive coverage of the inaugural running of the Andromeda-to-Milky Way Star Yacht Classic is brought to VCS and ATB listeners by Friendly Flendry's Used and Reconditioned Flying Saucer Parts!

Hi, it's yer Friendly Neighborhood Midnight Rider and the Iron DJ in for an ailing Eric this week, kicking off a 6-hour tour that coincided with the hastily-organized first running of the Andromeda-to-Milky Way Star Yacht Classic! The Voice cried, "WANNA RACE???" and I just had to drop Jay Chattaway's big-band epic "Andromeda" on y'all by way of celebration!

This week, The Pop Shop celebrates Paul Simon's 75th b-day and previews two local club shows: Tommy Keene/The Leatherwoods and The Favorite Things' CD Release Party. Also oldie/newie double plays from Cotton Mather, Teenage Fanclub and The Explorer's Club.

Episode 8

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