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"What time is it?" asks the prank caller to the Regular Guy, who responds crankily, "S'two o'clock in the morning_ that's no time to call… bye!" Funny, that's exactly the time ATB begins, and I, DJ Weston East, couldn't resist beginning my fill-in with the Ken Nordine classic this week. Hmmm… wonder if that "Regular Liver" still has his gig in Washington, going on-mic and saying, "Beeep!


A little less conversation, a little more tunage on this episode of The Pop Shop!

Episode 26 – Unleash the Rage

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Wooo boy, what a hum dinger!  Sean declares his true feelings about cookies.  Plus, lots of great new tracks by SWEET SPIRIT, MEATBODIES, BLEACHED, UT-TV, & more!