This week we take a meandering journey from Liverpool to Minneapolis with another Mixtape for your morning commute. The link isnt straightforward but if you concentrate on your driving while listening its likely you will be doing a lot of the link already. With music from Elvis Costello Devo X Ray Spex Robert Palmer The Byrds and many more thers a whole hour to help you with that Monday morning commute

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Permanent Crap From The Past archives here.

IWD celebration on ATB!!!

Enjoy, DJ SLT


It's yer friendly neighborhood Midnight Rider, a.k.a. Weston East, in for Eric this week to take VCS's IWD-week special "All Over The Map" and we spend the first hour across the mighty Pacific, taking a blast through the frenzied tempos and hyperactive head-rush cute-overload energy of  Japan's "idol-pop" scene, prompting you the listener to forget EVERYTHING you thought you knew about "pop idols" …it's different in Tokyo!

Episode 27

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International Womens day special with Miss Georgia Peach of the Short Fuses and Beebe Gallini and Dulcinea Gonzalez of the Loudmouths and Midnite Snaxxx . Lots of great sounds from all kindsa girls! 

Radio Pocho on March 8th was pre-empted for special International Women's Day programming.