DJ SLT and Jeremy, King of Collectors Corner, reminisce about some of their favorite music of the 90s, and grapple with technology issues.

It's Not the Wind Chime That's Broken, It's the Wind!!

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Hosted by Miguel Vargas. Special Guests include Roberto Lange of Helado Negro (Performing at Northern Spark 2016, 6/11), and Esti (Performing at Cedar Cultural Center w/ Salsabrosa & Alma Andina 6/10)

Celebrated Prince's Birthday, "Prince Day" with DJ Danny Sigelman, spinning Prince over his career, and related artists.

It's the on-air debut of The Iron DJ… with his pal "Subsonic" Stu, intergalactic on-the-scene reporter Gil Gamesh and a crew of licensed professional quantum mechanics! Gil reports from the scene of an intergalactic incident that threatens to blow apart a massive twin-core spiral… Andromeda… in about two billion years! Two supermassive black holes have swallowed each other whole and winked out of existence, leaving the center with no gravity field! The forces generated prior to impact catch Stu off guard, and seperate his head from the rest of him!

Cassius Clay Sings! Plus, an Alan O'Day retrospective and B-day four plays for Dwight Twilley, Prince, Dean Martin, and Tom Jones!