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Episode #494 Getting PROGRESSIVELY STIMULIZED.  Plus Michel Legrand's "Sailors, Friends, Lovers or Husbands" (take your pick); David Rose NOT playing The Stripper;  heavy dosages of "hum along with Vibe guy" Gary McFarland going 80 Miles per Hour through Beer-Can Country; and the world's fist Hippie featured in a stupefying double shot of Nature Boy.

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Friday afternoon in January gets the DJ MoZho treatment. Tropical bass out of Chile, cumbia villera out of Lyon, future soul, hip hop, remixes. New music from young artists who aren't afraid to blur boundaries.

Tune in Friday Feb 27th for the next installment! In the meantime, for a handful of past sets, check

(Image by Chrisb Marquez)

By listener request: Os Mutantes, both studio recording and live. And it's a Milktrain to Paydirt for armchair Knights in Cracked Leather eagerly awaiting (and trying to figure out how to pronounce) Super Bowl XLIX.

Digital Massace

Industrial, synth, butt rock, alt rock, and a little neo folk. Just because.

The debut of a track by Souless Affection, featuring Claus from Leaether Strip.

Enjoy, DJ SLT


Space Is the Place!!

The newest TMOYM linked game has arrived at the Minneapolis side of the ley line. We're celebrating show 25 with a bevy of beautiful. . . tunes. And a couple of threesomes. What do Elvis Costello, Blondie, Eurythmics (before they were famous), Mark Ronson, and The Piranhas, amongst many others, have in common?

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