Where mainstream media/entertainment is slaughtering the 80's (i.e. Lethal Weapon remake) SynthWaves continues the Journey into the "New 80s" sound with music from Mosaik, Cleeve Morris, Europaweite Aussichten, Hermitude, Ailerons, Olivier P.G and much more.  Of course some throwback gems by Evan Rogers and Jeff Lorber as well.

The very best bit about mixtapes is that they evoke a time a place and a meaning to everyone who creates them and the people they were designed for..

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Permanent Crap From The Past archives here.

Wave your magic wand over my head and I'll do it in slow motion. (577)

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Sunrise City Revisited

Start off with some big, stupid 70's tracks, then into Sunrise City from the Grey Chronicles.

And a few new tracks from Cryo Chamber records.


Enjoy, DJ SLT


Momma Poppa Boogie!!