6/27/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host: Michael Cyrs
News Host: Rico Morales
Producer / Engineer: Yvette Howie

6/27/2014 Across The Board

Night Rhythms

6/27/2014 Voice Cried Softly

Secret Agent Magnesium Flare and Lotsa Cassettes!!

Acte II - World Exposure Interview with Cher Dial

ACTE II is a duo of accomplished and diverse artists who have combined their unique, individual talents and experiences. Sopranos Olanna Goudeau and Ashley Renée Watkins have come together to deliver powerful performances of American music and classical music. ACTE II recently made their National TV debut performing as contestants on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where they received a standing ovation and 4 yeses from to move on to the next round.

Visit World Exposure with Cher Dial to hear the podcast and interview!


On this Episode, Jazzed up and Bonkers brings you some cuts featuring some of their favorite drums parts
by their favorite all time drummers. From Pert to Grohl you hear them all !!!! Buddy Rich goofin’ with a Muppet as well as
and epic drum battle with the winner decided by YOU the listener! Also a fine editorial short from our own Kurt Bumpsface who brought you the less than informative report on the dangers of Punk Rock in our “We’re punks now!” episode. So get out your pencils or pots and pans or actual drums and play along to some of the best rappaty tap ever recorded. ……Are farts considered percussion???

6/26/2014 The Morning Blend

Music Host / Engineer: Mark Koerner
News Host: Janis Lane-Ewart
Producer: Paul Brohaugh

6/26/2014 In Your Ear
6/25/2014-Click "Episode Details" to hear Wayward McCoys & Giovanni Volini on our FOREVER archives.

6/25/2014 MinneCulture

Inspired by Sarah M. Greer’s trip to the Canary Islands, “Between: a Journey through the Middle” is a singing conversation that celebrates individual journeys. Tonight’s program features vocalists Sarah M. Greer, Aimee K. Bryant, Bruce A. Henry, Libby Turner Opanga and drummer Nathan J. Greer. It was recorded live at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis, and produced for KFAI by Tom Garneau.

“Over the new year in 2010, I traveled to Tenerife one of the Canary Islands. I found myself on this island between Africa and North America and I felt very connected and disconnected to this place at the same time. I was interested in that tension, what was going on between those two emotions. I realized this sensation was familiar, yet unexamined. I began to envision a piece created with other singers where I could reflect on that experience,” says Sarah M. Greer.

Three years later, Sarah developed BETWEEN: A Journey Through the Middle. All of the movements in BETWEEN are improvised in some way; some pieces use a set text or recurring melody, but in all of them, the ensemble discovers and develops the “final” pieces on stage in front of the audience.

“I wanted this to be a work about celebrating tensions and transitions and about how to move forward when we cannot always see the road ahead. And, I wanted to study how we move forward with others who are also navigating their own edges and traveling through their own changes. These are the gifts of improvisation.”

6/25/2014 Freewheelin'

Albert Lee and Cindy Cashdollar called in for a chat.