Nanobii ( more here: ) from Sweden is tonight's special guest.  We chat on 'Happy' hardcore, Comiket and listen to several of his tunes.   Music includes Delora, Hello Meteor, Oscillian, SelloRekT/LA Dreams, Myrone, Total Contact, Client Liaison and much more. 

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Lady Miss Ian and Mr Gosh are your co-pilots this evening, welcome aboard. We tried to plan our trip accordingly by packing the tools needed for a successful Jet Set Planet trip. We have our organs handy and bongos a-plenty in the carry on bags. A wonderful set of live recordings including exotica pioneers Yma Sumac and Martin Denny and local legends Mel Calvert and Exotic A-GoGo. A long time spent with UK Library music set the mood for, well… it's Library music; the moods are incidental and rapidly cut from scene to scene. Just like us. Have fun kids, don't stay out to late.

Subsonic Stu in for SLT this week, with a truly delightful discovery leading things off… Debbie (Harry) Does Ghost Riders! This was in a late-'90s movie I hadn't heard of before this week called "Three Businessmen."  The old Johnny Cash hit (yeah, he didn't write it, BUT!!!) is given an unexpected techno workout, and the Voice of Blondie is absolutely unimpeachable. Somewhere out there, the Man In Black is grinning ear-to-ear.

Richter Scale Madness!!

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