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Purple Tribute


Tribute to Prince, one year later.










Mick Ronson Only After Dark 3:31

(slaughter On 10th Ave / snapper)


Prince – Deliverance 3:45 (R for Bobbie)

(Deliverance EP /  )


DJ Weston East had a helluva lotta fun throwing this together on the fly… singing squirrels, beards from space (BEARDS FROM SPACE!!!), hopping ghosts, Janie Jones (the REAL Janie Jones that The Clash were singing about!), a massive six-track salute to Delia Derbyshire (including three by her band White Noise), Pierre Moerlin's Gong and the earlier, COMPLETELY-unrelated Gongettes (!) and a collection of the most cosmic retro-twangstrumentals in the galaxy, by the

Episode 33 – Exclusive song premieres from Aetheric and Deadhand System.

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The fifth time's the charm! Mr. Zero stops by and spins a little bit of everything on this episode of the Pop Shop!

Hosted by Terrell LaMarr y Miguel Vargas, with special guests Brandon Allday and Medium Zach of Big Quarters, celebrating the 10th Anniversary vinyl reissue of the 2007 release, Cost of Living.